Forever Young

Given the title, ‘Stupid Girl’, you expect punk or garage rock, at least.  Sure, the lyrics are casual, even thrown off, but there’s one good pair of lines that deliver an oddly subtle perspective.  And then there’s Neil harmonising with himself.  But we’re not here for any of that. We’re here for the guitar, it turns out.  And for a man of my age, this is it, the business, the veritable d’s bs.  Here’s that warbling, overdriven, fluid West Coast lead.  There’s that pounding rhythm guitar with more spring than thrash to it.  Considerably more.  This is exactly what you want to hear from a rock band.  And then suddenly it stops (to the obvious slight surprise of the band).

Monument to Tynemouth via Wallsend. Evening, and the smell of freshly-fried fish.

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